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Mastering Money Basics Vision

That all Americans enjoy a higher standard of living through proper money management.

Mastering Money Basics Objective

Mastering Money Basics objective is to assist U.S. schools in developing financially literate adults.
For the students this means teaching them how to be the best stewards of their money through hands on activities geared toward, age appropriate, key financial concepts. For teachers and principals this means building better teamwork, communication, research and problem solving skills, and imparting them to the students they interact with. For our communities and country this means a more informed and financially literate populace;
which contributed to the economic well being of our society as a whole.

Mastering Money Basics Goal

To facilitate a greater understanding of personal financial management through “hands on” education and involvement in key financial concepts.

How We Do What We Do

Key financial concepts have been developed by individuals with decades of experience in the financial field. These concepts have been identified and grouped by age appropriate building blocks. Concepts like “saving money” comes before “investing money.” These twelve core concepts have been place within the three grade groups – elementary, middle school and high school. Each year, within each grade groups we pose a question for the participants to answer. As the children move through the grade groups, by the time they reach high school, they will have been through ten to twelve of the core concepts.




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As parents, grandparents and adults we want the best for our children. In fact, doesn’t every parent want their children to master money basics? Today’s economic uncertainty commands us to help them, providing them with knowledge today and thereby arming them for the challenges of tomorrow. The youth of our country will determine our future. By educating them on the value of money and how to manage it properly, maybe, we can influence tomorrow’s leaders; teaching them to be personally accountable and more responsible with money. 

We plan to move MMB contests into the middle school experience within the next year. Your donation today helps to make the programpossible. ACCESS receives no government grants or subsidies, we rely completely on the generosity of people like you. “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” – Aristotle.

Our current financial constraints only allows us to run a single contest on a limited scope. Your contribution today will help do two things: 1) bring this program to schools nationwide; 2) build confidence in the young men and women of our nation. These true life skills assure them a brighter future of financial independence.

This excitement and level of participation is now available to all elementary students via our new book “Mastering Money – By Kids for Kids.” It features Award Winning Stories, in full color, with games to encourage students to participate in learning the basics of money. This book is available individually or in bulk, for distribution to our nations fourth grade classrooms. By supporting the distribution of these books, you encourage more school districts to participate in MMB’s ground-breaking financial literacy for America. ((Rodney, I’ll get this to you… go to page for bulk sales or individual sales of this book))

If you’re a teacher, you know schools aren’t typically teaching children about the real value of money, or how to manage it, and that’s unfortunate. Money management skills are important to all of us, all the days of our lives. By signing up for contest notifications and having your class participate in MMB, you will have the knowledge that the skills you teach today will actually have an impact on your students for the rest of their lives. (link to page where teacher can sign-up to get notices of upcoming contests – I think you already have this.

Within your community, promote and encourage schools, teachers and sponsors to get involved. Download our free resources (((link to fliers that can be printed — I’ve attached these))) to help spread the word about Mastering Money Basics. MMB’s contests are open to all school aged children, public, private and homeschoolers